By Dimitar V. Dimitrov

Don't take life too seriously, you won't get out of it alive...

Jouney to Mars ticket via Nasa

Hello, You can now get a ticket under your name for Nasa’s next mission to Mars! Of course you will not be going there, but at least your name will :). More information can be found if you follow the link below: Here is what my ticket looks like: Since I do not know […]

About Dr. Zoran Djindjic – “IF SERBIA STOPS”

Dear readers, On this day 11 years ago Dr. Zoran Djindjic was killed. Many of you probably haven’t heard anything about Dr. Zoran Djindjic, don’t know what he lived for, nor what he died for. Well, in short – he dies for Serbia! For those of you who want to know more – please watch […]

Our company’s new “About us” page

Dear readers, For many years our company’s “About Us” page was… well not that good really. It was not catching the eye so to speak. With our new “About Us” page though things drastically changed. If I have to put say what I think about it in a few words only – I fucking love […]

Grant Leboff seminar

Dear readers, Several weeks ago I went to another King of sales event in Sofia, Bulgaria, the date of the event was 21-st of November, 2013. As you may recall this is the second time I attend such conferences, the previous time the guess speaker was Sandro Forte. In this seminar/conference the name of the […]

My first interview

Hello, Exactly 1 year ago I gave my first interview ever as a sales&customer service supervisor to a website called Review Gurus. To be 100% accurate it was not as fun as I expected it to be, but still it was a enjoyable experience overall. Here is a link to the interview itself: Link to […]

LinkedIn vs Facebook, or in other words which is my favorite social media

Dear readers, For a couple of months now I’ve been thinking of writing a blog article about what social media means today and what it opportunities it offers for the companies and for the individuals, like myself. Of course I realize that there are many similar articles out there, but I also wanted to share […]

How cool is that – infographics

Hello guys, It has been a while since I last updated this blog and again I have the same excuses – working a lot and not having enough time to sit down in front of the computer and white a couple of lines down. Looking back at what we achieved professionally in 2012 the only […]

The new design of

Dear readers, A couple of months ago I decided that it was high time I changed the template for my Bulgarian blog I spent days browsing though the internet trying to find the right template that would perfectly meet my needs. I also had an idea in my mind, knew how I wanted the […]

About the new TV Series “The Newsroom”

Dear readers, It’s been a while since I last posted something new in this blog of mine. I was extremely busy at work and I guess nothing inspired me to write something new as well. Now, however, I have a couple of things that I really wanted to share with you. Recently a colleague of […]